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Happy Classified Staff Appreciation Week!

Happy Classified Staff Appreciation Week! Featured Photo
Thank you cafeteria workers, bus drivers, building and grounds workers, special education aids, and other classified staff at Hawkins for all that you do to support our schools and students!

Hawkins Football 2020-2021

Hawkins Football 2020-2021 Featured Photo
Are you a future Hawk or current student interested in playing in the 2020-2021 season? Contact Coach Coltress!


Office Information:
Location: C-209
Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:00pm
12pm - 1pm closed for lunch
Phone: (323) 789-1317
Fax: (323) 789-1325
Senior Office Tech:
Ms. M. Deyden


In compliance to Senate Bill 1375 recently added a section to Education Code 221.61 all schools must post their Title IX Complaint Managers as well as information about Title IX that can be found on the LAUSD website HERE.
C:/DAGS Title IX Complaint Managers:

A. Delgado
(323) 789 - 1317
A. Enriquez
(323) 789 - 1294 
“Please contact the Office of Communications and Media Relations at or call 213-241-6766 to request access to or notify LAUSD about on-line information or functionality that is currently inaccessible. To file a formal grievance with the Los Angeles Unified School District, under Section 504 and Title II please click HERE to learn how.“