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Advocacy Forward: Action Civics CA Hires CHAS Alumni

Action Civics CA, a proud CHAS partner, hired Daelynn Vidal (CHAS Alumni '17) to facilitate a breakout room at our Orange County Project Soapbox competition!


Daelynn reached out when she moved back home and has been providing some much needed program support and was an absolutely essential awesome team player at the event. She facilitated a breakout room with about 20 speeches and 2 students from her room won the entire competition!

Career Readiness Mock Interviews for 11th Grade CHAS Students
In collaboration with the LA Chamber of Commerce, CHAS 11th graders prepared resumes and job application for Mock Interview with industry professionals. 
5th Annual CHAS Career Morning
CHAS has annual career mornings at which industry professionals from a variety of occupations in Mental and Behavioral Health meet students in an intimate setting to allow them exposure to the variety of fields in the CHAS career path.
In December of 2018, 44 industry professionals presented and 21 Mental and Behavioral health organizations in classrooms or at roundtables. In total, 353 student participated in Career Morning.
CHAS 12th Grade Soapbox Speeches--Call to Action
In 2015-2016 CHAS teachers developed and implemented CHAS Call to Action Linked Learning project. In English 12 and Government/Economics classes, students explore and identify community problems.  They choose a problem, conduct research, write a research paper, and deliver a speech in the classroom project soapbox competitions in collaboration with Action Civics, a non-profit organization, CHAS 12th grade students presented Soapbox speeches as their fall final, and a 5-7 students will compete at the Citywide Soapbox Competition in January.
CHAS Unique Class Offering: Physiology


A Noche de Ciencias to Remember

A Noche de Ciencias to Remember Featured Photo
Professional scientists and engineers visited Hawkins to make science come alive for students and provide a college workshop for families.

Reminder: Complete Physical Over Summer to Play Sports in Fall

Reminder: Complete Physical Over Summer to Play Sports in Fall Featured Photo
Any returning students and incoming freshmen who want to play sports this upcoming year should complete their physical over the summer. Physical forms are available at the Welcome Center and should be returned along with a copy of your INS Card.

CHAS Earns Recognition from Linked Learning Alliance

CHAS Earns Recognition from Linked Learning Alliance Featured Photo
CHAS recently met the requirements necessary to become a silver certified Linked Learning school. This designation, established by the Linked Learning Alliance, validates that CHAS has the core components of a Linked Learning pathway in place and officially states that CHAS has reached a key milestone in its pathway development.


CHAS Governing School Council Agenda - 5/30/19
CHAS Office Information:
Location: C-231
Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:00pm
12pm - 1pm closed for lunch
Phone: (323) 789-1347
Fax: (323) 789-1370
Senior Office Tech:
Ms. A. Perkins


In compliance to Senate Bill 1375 recently added a section to Education Code 221.61 all schools must post their Title IX Complaint Managers as well as information about Title IX that can be found on the LAUSD website HERE.
CHAS Title IX Complaint Managers:

R. Mayani
(323) 789 - 1347

Q. Felix
(323) 789 - 1347
A. Enriquez
(323) 789 - 1294 

“Please contact the Office of Communications and Media Relations at or call 213-241-6766 to request access to or notify LAUSD about on-line information or functionality that is currently inaccessible. To file a formal grievance with the Los Angeles Unified School District, under Section 504 and Title II please click HERE to learn how.“


If you are a site interested in hosting interns for the Spring 2017 semester, please fill out our CHAS Intern Request Form.
Student and Supervisor can access CHAS Internship Handbook Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Access your blog here.


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