Coaches Corner

Coaches please use this page to retrieve important forms and information you may need for your hard work GO HAWKS!!!!

Hawkins Athletic Coaches:

Thank you for supporting our Scholar Athletes here at Hawkins. Please review the following expectations.

1) All sports must do grade checks (Please use the "Athletic Eligibility" sheet on this page) every other week on Friday. Girls teams are 1st and 3rd Friday of month. Boys teams are 2nd and 4th Friday of month. NO GRADE CHANGE WILL BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT THIS FORM. 
a. Please collect these forms on Friday (Thursday if Friday is not available)

2) All teams must drop off a roster of kids that are on the bus before the bus leaves for every game (You can use the "Field Trip Event Student Attendance" Guidelines on this page).
a. Rosters must be dropped off to Attendance Office (Attendance bin in the Main Office)
b. You can create your own roster (i.e. excel roster, five column roster)
c. For Away Games: Students can leave the class at 12:30 pm
d. For Home Games: Depending on the time, students will only miss 6th period.
****Junior Varsity/Varsity start times may vary.

3) Once rosters are set, please make copies of your schedule and team rosters and place in all teachers and admin boxes (You can use the "Hawkins Sample Sports Letter" on this page).
a. If there are any changes in roster, make sure you provide updates rosters to teachers.

4) Fundraisers must be approved through Ms. Santos in the student store (Please see the "Hawkins Fund Raising Guidelines" on this page)
a. In order to access the school funds Hawkins provided your sport to buy equipment (NOT uniforms) you must do a legal fundraiser through student store (Ms. Santos), and provide proof to Mr. Enriquez of (1) grade checks, (2) bus list being dropped off, (3) copies of roster and schedule placed in teacher boxes, and legal fundraiser.
5)  All Scholar-Athletes must review, sign and turn in Hawkins Athletic Discipline Contract, to the Deans, or they WILL NOT be able to participate in ANY Sport.
6) All sports field trips during the out of season, during the season or during calendar vacations, must be approved by the school and LAUSD. All paperwork must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the trip and approval must be confirmed prior to the trip. Work with your AD and Administrator to complete the paperwork.