About Me!

  • My name is Mrs. Ragland and I am an Inclusion Math Teacher.
  • This is my second year at Hawkins High School and also my second year of teaching ever.
  • After graduating high school, I went to college at UC San Diego and majored in Cognitive Science.
  • After graduating college, I served with City Year in Little Rock, Arkansas. Then I came back and served with AmeriCorps in Los Angeles,
  • Finally, I went back to school at Cal State LA to get my teaching credential where I was student teaching at Locke High School.
  • Now, I am at Hawkins and I love the dedication of the teachers I work with, and I love the creativity and resilience of the students we work with.
Some interesting things about me:
  1. I like to draw and paint.
  2. I love clothes and am learning how to sew.
  3. I am the same height as I was in middle school.
  4. My family left Vietnam on a boat and lived in New Orleans before coming to California
  5. I am really boring and am not funny.