Daniel Anderson


            I have been teaching for a bit more than fifteen years in Los Angeles Unified, mixed in with short stints teaching at private schools in New York City and Lima, Peru. I presently teach Spanish in CDAGS after, in the past, being an English and History teacher as well. I studied History and French for my bachelor’s degree in 1997 at Columbia University. I received my teaching credential this century (rather than the last!) at good ol’ Dominguez Hills. However, my greatest educational experiences come from my constant travels across the world linked with taking UCLA writing courses online which allow me to broaden my horizons, moving on to the next episode.  I also play guitar, saxophone and sing professionally across Southern California and Pennsylvania when time permits.  I love teaching at CDAGS and Hawkins in general because I learn as much from the students as they do from me.  It was the people of Los Angeles who taught me Spanish and created within me my love of Latin America. It is my pride and joy to foster the cultural, intellectual and academic growth of these South LA students while fighting the grand fight against the barriers and fences that falsely divide us.