Travis Miller teaches English and is the United Teachers Los Angeles Chapter Chair and one of the original plan writers for the Critical Design and Gaming School.  He grew up in Westchester, attended four different LAUSD elementary schools, and graduated with an English degree from Pitzer College where he met his amazing wife, Kristin.  In 2000, he began his career as a teacher at Manual Arts high school and became a father to his daughter, and three years later his son.  In 2010, he earned a Master's Degree in Critical Education from UCLA and worked with the dedicated educators and community members of Schools for Community Action to create three fully-public, theme and project-based schools on the Augustus Hawkins campus. As a guiding teacher for UCLA, he has had the privilege of teaching two Augustus Hawkins teachers and one of the plan writers.  Travis Miller continues to learn, gaining new knowledge and skills and re-evaluating the validity of his prior education.  In fact, by the time you finish reading this bio, he is likely to have learned something new about how colonization shapes the way the he thinks, or, he may finally figure out how to shoot and build at the same time without getting caught in the storm.